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tv   Newscenter 5 Eyeopener  ABC  December 7, 2015 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." president: what we can do and must do is make it harder for them to kill. randy: president obama addressing terrorism in the wake of national tragedy. the plan to take down isis facing some criticism. emily: a new move in an andover double murder mystery. the action today in hopes of solving the crime. randy: patriots nation hit with two losses in row. the crushing fall to the eagles on the eye. for this monday morning. >> you're watching wcvb, good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." emily: also on the eye. going, going, it is gone! this play during sunday night football getting a lot of attention this morning. the incredible touchdown and
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eyepoppers. good morning. i'm emily riemer. randy: and i'm randy price. danielle vollmar is in for cindy on this monday morning. danielle: it's been a warm stretch of weather we've had. emily: so nice. danielle: which is great. we're going to continue that trend today. emily: excellent. danielle: this morning though we are starting out with some fog out there. please be aware of that if you're driving along the south shore. there is some fog around norwood as well as new bedford. even in plymouth now visibility is down to about three miles. more fog up through southwest new hampshire and my concern up here is because the temperatures are below the freezing mark, it freezing fog and some black ice. right now though, we're at 38 taunton. 38 in worcester. and over the next 12 hours in worcester, we're going to warm up into the upper 40's and low
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we should be around 44 degrees this time of year. we're going to be anywhere from 52 to about 58 degrees, but a cooldown is coming from this cold front. there is also going to be a chance of some showers tomorrow. we're going to talk more about that. first at the bus stop this morning, some patchy fog but turning mild on the ride home. we like that, kevin. 54 degrees. kevin: we do. a nice day on the way. we're looking good on the roadways soor fa. normal delays monday morning. not too bad over the zakim bridge and the leverett connector. a little busy on that tobin loop ramp. they're coming in from chelsea this morning. river roads and airport tunnels are all on time. let's go to the maps up to the north. starting to get busy here up to the north on 93 southbound. slowdowns out of methuen down past 495 and then pockets now most of the way down towards that lower deck. route 3 is getting busier up by 129. so far so good on the upper end of 128. no troubles out to the west. the expressway here pretty much all filled in. about 26 minutes braintree to boston.
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in fact, maybe even almost derby street right now. slow on 93 north. 24 seeing delays out of brockton. taking the trains. blue lines reporting some minor delays eastbound due to a disabled train. that's your traffic. i'm kevin brennan. president: we will prevail by being strong and smart, resilient and relentless. randy: right now reaction is pouring in across the country and around the world after the president takes on terrorism in prime time. this morning it is what he did not do that is riling up some critics. emily: the eyeopener's erika tarantal is tracking overnight developments. erika: one of the things we learned overnight, nato is not expected to send ground trips to battle isis in syria. that comes as the president outlines new plans to fight terrorism but not a shift in strategy. instead, he called on congress to authorize continued military actions, already underway against isis in iraq and syria. he also said there was no evidence the san bernardino shooters were directed by a terror network overseas or part
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president: many americans are asking whether we are confronted by a cancer that has no immediate cure. well, here's what i want you to know. the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. erika: the president has ordered intelligence leaders to review the fiancee visa program that the female shooter in california used to enter the u.s. he also reiterated calls from broader gun control legislation-- something many in the massachusetts delegation support. emily? emily: this morning many republicans are criticizing the president for not going far enough. g.o.p. presidential front-runner donald trump taking to twitter and posting: "well, obama refused to say (he just can't say it), that we are at war with radical islamic terrorists." his fellow candidate, florida senator marco rubio, reacted on t.v. moments after the speech. rubio: nothing that happened in this speech tonight is going to assuage people's fears. first of all we heard tonight that the same strategy that has
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strategy he is going to continue. he honestly believes that there is a coalition fighting against isis. this is absurd. there is no such coalition. a lot of countries that have put their names on to a piece of paper. emily: on his website, texas senator ted cruz said, if elected president, he would, quote, shut down the broken immigration system that is letting jihadists into our country, unquote. randy: a new poll shows for the first time a majority of americans support sending in ground troops to fight isis. the cnn survey shows 53% support that move. the same poll showed that 60% of americans think u.s. military action is going badly right now. that's actually an improvement since october. meanwhile, members of the massachusetts delegation are reiterating their calls for broader gun control legislation. kennedy: we absolutely need to be focused on making sure that dangerous people such as those on the terror watch list don't have easy access to weapons. warren: i can't imagine anyone
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of people on the terror watch list to buy guns. randy: warren added that while the gun debate may be complicated, there are things that can be done right now to keep americans safer. emily: right now one man is dead after a standoff forced people to take cover in a swansea neighborhood. police say a man tried to shoot his girlfriend before barricading himself inside his home on nichols street. the swat team was called in. police say the suspect killed himself inside the home. no one else was hurt. right now police are getting ready to make a new move as they try to unravel a murder mystery. the eyeopener's sera congi is live in andover with the killings that have plagued the town for years. sera: it's been four years since the andover couple was murdered and what happened is still a mystery but today we may learn more about the investigation. 69-year-old jack magee and his 67-year-old wife geri were found
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december 14, 2011. both shot in the head. deepening the mystery, the couple's lexus s.u.v. was found torched in boston's north end. a year later, the d.a.'s office issued a public plea for information at the time the victims' family expressed frustration over the lack of answers. later this morning, a press conference is scheduled. marking the four-year anniversary which is coming up. the district attorney and police chief say they'll provide information about what is known to investigators and renew their appeal to the public for information about the case. live in andover, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: police are still not naming the suspects or the victim in a deadly shooting in south boston. that man died shortly after being shot saturday night on old colony avenue. police have since made three arrests and recovered the gun they think was used in the case. a new hampshire teenager is in the hospital with critical injuries after being hit by a car. the crash happened yesterday afternoon on highland street in hudson.
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hit. it's not clear if speed was a factor. but neighbors say they've seen accidents before and tell us drivers often go fast on this road. >> the cars fly down this road, 40, 45 miles an hour every day all day long. i have small kids too. i walk them back and forth from the bus stop. >> 20 years ago when we moved here, it was like a back road. now people use it as a highway. they cut across from hudson to nashua. you know, it's crazy. randy: police are still working to piece together what led up to this accident. they say the victim's injuries appear to be life-threatening. emily: the murder trial of the danvers teen charged with killing his teacher resumes this morning. defense lawyers for phillip chism will continue presenting their side of the case. they're trying to convince jurors that chism was insane when he killed teacher colleen ritzer after school in 2013. his attorneys say part of the testimony barred from the courtroom included chism telling a psychiatrist he hears voices
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also in court today the man accused of planting a hoax device in boston.
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brady not too pleased with his own performance. brady: i've got to make the decisions with the ball. if i turn the ball over twice, i mean, i don't think we have the chance to win many games. randy: the patriots are now the number three seed in the a.f.c. emily: it is 6:10 right now. randy: the steps being taken today to give diners that option. a close call for a local church. done after a driver crashes into the building. emily: new this morning, when it comes to tipping this holiday season, how much is too much? the guidelines before you open your wallet. danielle: another case of unseasonably warm temperatures today. the changes i'm watching including showers. first here's what you can expect when you head out the door in
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>> good morning, "eyeopener." randy: yes, indeed. good morning to you. thanks to everyone at smith elementary in danvers for really waking us up on a monday morning. emily: a lot of enthusiasm right there probably because they got to learn about the weather from vollmar. excited. emily: you send them back to their teachers all amped up. we would love to see yours. just go to the front page of and upload it in the u-local section of our website. kevin: i have to get my ears checked now. danielle: it was good, right? one thing they were screaming and shouting that they don't have right now. they don't have any snow yet. emily: i know. danielle: some of the kids really want it. i've been going to a lot of schools. they've been asking for it.
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holiday time. to date on average we normally have 2.2 inches of snow. last year in boston we had 2.6 inches of snow. and in worcester we already had 7.5 inches of snow. so we're looking for that. unfortunately we can't bring any snow but we can bring some rain showers i think to parts of the area tomorrow. and then again on thursday. it looks like tomorrow it will be really for the cape and the islands although some of them may touch inland. we could really use the rain. we're down almost 10 inches now for the year in boston. down near nine inches for the year in worcester. where is that rain coming from? it's this area of low pressure here that is going to redevelop here off the coast. as it does, it will track close to the cape and the islands, enough to at least give them some rain. also it will bring in some breezy northeast winds which means clouds and cooler temperatures tomorrow. for right now though, we have some low-level clouds out there and some fog in spots. especially in keene. but visibilities have improved
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so we're start to go see the fog lift just a touch. as we go through the day, look at these temperatures. mid 50's for highs. yet again. yesterday's high was 59 in boston. we're going to do it all over again. and then tonight we're going to drop back into the 20's and 30's but we are going to bring in more clouds overnight associated with this area of low pressure. we have a dry cold front come today. that will bring in cooler temperatures. and then this area of low pressure brings some rain as early as 8:00 a.m. for the cape and the islands and then pulls on out of here. then we start to see temperatures drop behind it into the 40's for tomorrow. so it is cool out there. and we do have the rain showers around. i do want to show you that on the future cast one more time. notice they could come as far inland as the south shore by about 9:00 or so. continues through lunchtime and then winds down by afternoon. but we will have clouds around pretty much all day tomorrow. the big change will be the drop in temperatures but it doesn't last too long.
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50's by next weekend. kevin: up can't complain about this weather. absolutely gorgeous if you're putting up any decorations, the perfect time. the roadways not too bad this morning. looking pretty good out there. no real big troubles. we haven't had any major problems all morning long. just the normal monday morning volume especially here on the expressway. about 30 minutes now to get from braintree right up to the o'neill tunnel. let's go farther south though. you're seeing the slowdowns on 93 north out of randolph get to go the expressway and route 3 now getting reports of a crash down by 228 rockland. more slowdowns derby street up to the split. now 24 brake lights from just about 123. slowdowns about 16 minutes to get up to 128. out to the west, more volume now on the mass pike. stretch. that's just going to work its way into weston. up to the north 93 busy out of methuen. down through that wilmington stretch and then most of the way down after that as you work your way down to medford and
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upper end of 128 not too bad although getting busy by walnut street. lynnfield blue line reporting minor delays eastbound due to a disailed train. randy. randy: kevin, thank you. hit-and-run driver. natural gas meter. police are searching for that driver right now. the whole incident could have been a big a witness says he was walking er disaster. his dog just after 1:00 on saturday morning when he saw a pick-up truck speeding down richardson avenue. eric martin says the driver didn't even slow down before the stop sign before he crashed into the faith alliance church. >> when he went across the street and hit the curb, there were sparks everywhere. he went airborne about three feet in the air and then landed. went down the hill. and then hit the church. randy: the truck barely missed the church's electrical transformer. pastor jeff white counting his blessings the damage was not more severe. police are looking for the
6:16 am
right now. anyone with any information is emily: economic headlines this monday morning. asian ended higher today boosted by the positive outlook for the latest u.s. jobs report. u.s. stock futures are higher after a strong day on friday. the s&p 500 had its biggest gain since september, and the dow jumped 370 points. randy: the uncertain future of the mbta's green line extension plan could become more clear this week. the t's fiscal management board is expected to discuss some options at a meeting on wednesday. earlier this year the mbta said the price for the project could be about $2.3 billion. that's a billion dollars above initial estimates. transportation leaders say they might scrap the project altogether. emily: the city of boston could soon get rid of its b-y-o-b ban. the city council will hold a public hearing on the issue this afternoon. one of the backers of the idea tells "the herald" the change
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neighborhoods first. it's meant to encourage business at restaurants with 30 tables or fewer. there would be limits on how much beer or wine patrons could bring. holiday tipping can be tricky, but etiquette experts are offering some guidelines. randy: these are all rules for people you've seen regularly. the baby-sitter, for example, should get about one evening's pay, plus a small gift from the child. the day care provider should get 20 to 70 bucks, plus a gift from your kids. your hairstylist should get between 20 and 100 dollars, depending on how often you see him or her. and the dog groomer should get a small gift, plus about half the cost of one session. of course there are other categories. just acknowledge the people who help you out during the year. emily: isn't it the thought that counts? randy: that's true, emily. emily: anyway. randy: i don't want to be your u.p.s. guy, i guess. emily: don't worry. santa delivers a special gift to a little girl.
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both ahead in eyepoppers. erika? erika: new at 6:30, stepped-up security following a school threat in warren. the effort to keep everyone safe. facing a judge today, a connecticut man accused of stealing human remains from a worcester cemetery. the steps being taken to bring him to massachusetts. u-2 performing in paris weeks after terror struck the city.
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danielle: welcome back. i'm meteorologist danielle vollmar. we're starting out in the 20's and 30's in most locations today. we're going to warm up really nicely back into the 50's just like yesterday. mid 50's around boston. burlington. nashua seeing 54 degrees. lots of sunshine today too. low 50's through rutland. 52 in worcester. 54 in shrewsbury. down along the south shore, we'll see 55 in duxbury 57 taunton and along the cape and the islands you see the mid 50's including 55 on nantucket looking very nice. emily. emily: all right.
6:21 am
the trip began in maine saturday. the reach across america will be making a stop in topsfield today. the organization has been putting breathes on every grave in arlington since 1992. volunteers will be placing the wreaths on the graves next weekend. tonight is the second night of hanukkah. the festival of lights is already bringing a glow to downtown crossing. boston mayor marty walsh was on hand to light the menorah last night. the state house menorah lighting is today at sundown. randy: it's 6:25. time for eyepoppers. erika is in for olessa today. erika: we'll start with a special santa visit. this is over in the u.k. santa started talking to a little girl until mom explained she can't hear very well. but santa didn't miss a beat. he used sign language to talk to her, and it looks like they had a great conversation. isn't that nice? just nice to see. okay. this one looks like it hurt. touchdown celebrations come in all varieties, but this one is a little weirder than most.
6:22 am
scored on a 71-yard punt return. you can see he charges straight through the endzone, takes a leap, hugs the goal post! he freaked out the security guard behind the post in the process accidentally grabbing her hair! all part of that really big enthusiastic hug. randy: she had no idea what was coming. erika: oh, my goodness, no. you're excited, amped up. probably feeling it. randy: they're both okay. parents voicing their concerns after a number of threats are made to schools in cambridge. where police are right now in finding those responsible. a fall river man accused of hitting a child he was babysitting. the alleged attack on a four-year-old. it is 6:26 right now. take a live look there at the seethe expressway by the gas tank. things kind of moving along. kevin brennan is in with us this morning keeping an eye on all of your roadways.
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>> now on newscenter 5's "eyeopener." president: the threat from terrorism is real, but we will overcome it. randy: the president takes on isis in prime time. what he did not say that's now sparking backlash. sera: a new move to solve a murder mystery in a quiet community. the push launching today to find this couple's killer. emily: and fear leads to a packed house in cambridge. the high-tech help that may be fueling school threats there. on the eye. >> you're watching wcvb, boston's news leader. good morning! this is newscenter 5's "eyeopener." randy: 6:30 on this monday morning. we want to show you a pot-pourri, if you will, this monday morning live at this hour including the-- danielle was
6:27 am
crescent moon there in the upper left and worcester down below that and a couple scenes from boston. emily: good morning to everyone. a really gorgeous start to the day, danielle. it will be warm again. you've had these great temperatures all weekend sticking around. danielle: it's sticking around one more day. emily: 50's. danielle: we will take that. this morning some of you may not be able to see that waning crescent moon because you're under some dense fog down in norwood where visibilities are down to about a mile there. but most visibilities have now improved which is great news. the other story is we're starting out the morning pretty mild especially on the vineyard and nantucket and the upper 40's but still through the merrimack valley back in the 20's now. western mass also waking up to temperatures in the 20's. as we go through the day though, we are going to warm up into the low to mid 50's through about lunchtime or so. cooling back to the upper 40's by 5:00. sunset time 4:11. that's the earliest sunset all
6:28 am
so highs today, low to mid 50's. lots of sunshine. the winds shift from the west to the north and west as a dry cold front comes down that's going to usher in cooler air from canada. we're also watching this area of low pressure you see here because this will bring some areas some much-needed rain tomorrow. but first that commuter ride looking like this. patchy fog this morning. maybe black ice but mild as you ride home from work. kevin has the details. kevin: i've got a couple problems here south of town. two separate crashes here. sky 5 over one of them here. heading up route 3 north out of that weymouth stretch and rockland area. let's go to the maps. now. we're at route 3 northbound slowdowns. we have a car off the road here actually over the guardrail by route 228 in the rock lfned stretch right at the exits to 228. then we have a three-car crash here up just before route 18 causing heavier slow downs there.
6:29 am
up there, that's about 30 minutes from braintree to boston the lower end of 128 not too bad. you're seeing more slowdowns on the mass pike. 495 on in through the natick stretch. it will take you about 24, 25 minutes to get on in to weston. more delays after that. 93 south heavy up to new hampshire heading down into the salem stretch. then we'll call it pockets from methuen most of the way down to the city. that's your traffic. i'm kevin brennan. president: this was an act of terrorism, designed to kill innocent people. emily: president obama addressing the mass shooting in san bernardino in an oval office address. the president said the current u.s. strategy to defeat isis terrorists will work. randy: today authorities will launch a new push to solve a double murder in andover. john and geraldine magee were found shot to death in their orchard crossing home four years ago. a news conference is set for later this morning. emily: right now one man is dead after a standoff forced people to take cover in a swansea
6:30 am
police say a man tried to shoot his girlfriend before barricading himself inside his home on nichols street. he later took his own life. randy: kids arriving at cambridge schools can expect to see police again today. emily: the heightened security comes as investigators consider whether a student made a series of threats against the district. randy: the eye's todd kazakiewich is live in cambridge with the new leads. todd? todd: randy, emily. as you can imagine, parents are somewhat fearful. they are certainly frustrated by this situation. no arrests have been made nor suspects named. but it does seem that police are getting closer to cracking this case. on sunday it was a packeddous for a meeting when parents came to find out more about the three email threats that came into public schools last week. investigators are beginning to think the person who reported the first threat is actually responsible for all three. and since that first message complained of too much homework, police are leaning toward it being a student.
6:31 am
tough to trace. >> we call it the "going dark" problem. we see this increasing use of anonymizing software and encryption technology that can frustrate law enforcement's efforts to lawfully identify and obtain court-authorized information. todd: the police officers responding or i should say report to go duties at schools now. the district will see how today goes before making a decision on keeping a presence going forward. live in cambridge, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. emily: every teacher, faculty member, and student will be searched on their way into quaboag regional middle high school today. that's in warren. "the telegram" reports the stepped-up security comes after students saw an anonymous threat on the "after school" app. there will be an increased police presence at the school throughout the day. randy: investigators are still trying to figure out how friday's deadly fire in lynn started. firefighters are now asking anyone with photos or videos to
6:32 am
the fire on bruce place killed four family members. it's not clear when. the man accused of stealing bones from a cemetery in worcester will be in court today. the eye's erika tarantal has new information on what police say he might have been planning to do with them. erika? erika: the suspect lives in hartford, connecticut. police say he claims to be a medicine man for the religion santeria and planned to use the bones for "healing rituals." officers say amador medina had animal-pelt shrines and live turtles in his home. the human bones he's accused of stealing were not part of any shrine, but they were in containers. police have determined those bones are from three adults and two kids who were entombed in a mausoleum sometime between 1904 and 1978. medina will be in court in connecticut but could be extradited to worcester. police say it's not clear why he might have targeted the hope cemetery. emily: right now a fall river man is behind bars accused of hurting a child he was supposed to be baby-sitting. 28-year-old richard pinheiro
6:33 am
four-year-old he was watching. police say they found the toddler with fresh injuries when they were called to an apartment around 8:00 wednesday night. >> when we got there, it was readily apparent that this child had been assaulted. there was some bruising on the back as well as some red marks and welting that there already prevalent on the child's skin. emily: neighbors say they have seen pinheiro at the complex on other occasions. he was arraigned thursday for assault and battery on a child and is being held without bail. the four-year-old is doing okay now after being treated. randy: 6:37 on this monday morning. the second and final leg of the blue hills reservation deer hunt starts today. in two days last week, hunters killed a total of 41 deer. the hunt was organized to cut down on the deer population, control lyme disease, and reduce car crashes involving deer. some protestors say the state did not listen to opposition during the public comment
6:34 am
emily: 6:37 right now. a baby doing well after she is found buried alive. randy: the new arrest just made in the disturbing case. u-2 with a powerful message of hope in paris. the concert weeks after terror strikes. emily: and ahead in news to go remembering the attack on pearl harbor. the tributes to our american heroes on this somber anniversary. and steak a live look here from our camera in the city of worcester. a gorgeous pink sky to start the day there. it's warm temperatures on the way. enjoy it.
6:35 am
kevin: good morning, everybody. welcome back to the "eyeopener." i'm kevin brennan in for olessa stepanova this morning. sky 5 over a crash on the ramp here from route 3 north to 228 in rockland. a car went up and over the guardrail there. causing some slowdowns on that ramp. there's another crash further north. now mild temperatures out there this morning. danielle, what can we expect. danielle: we are going to see temperatures in the 50's yet again today but i am watching a couple areas of rain headed in our direction. so for the day today, it's dry. mid 50's for highs. but there's a chance of rain tomorrow especially the cape and the islands from that ocean storm as it grazes our coastline. the other thing everyone is
6:36 am
cooler temperatures. we really need the rain in boston though down near 10 inches for the year. emily and randy. randy: the healing power of music on display in paris. emily: u2 took the stage performing for the first time since the deadly terror attacks there. the band was scheduled to play paris the two nights after those attacks, but the shows were postponed. last night they returned with a message of hope. >> bon soire, paris. we are in paris. if you love liberty, then paris is your hometown. emily: there was talk that the were playing in a club attacked by isis gunmen, would join u2 happen. it could happen today when u2
6:37 am
opioid abuse in worcester. also the department of justice looking into the killing of a chicago man at the hands of police. the decision it is weighing. buried treasure worth billions is found. the centuries-old prized pieces just found. we're looking at the christmas tree on boston common this morning. the "eyeopener" continues right after discover unexpected treasures, for the people
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randy: good morning. the "eyeopener" team is kicking off news to go, everything wrapping up in about 15 minutes. the eyeopener team is kicking off news to go with erika on the president's prime-time address focusing on terrorism. sera's in andover with the new move in a high-profile unsolved murder. emily: and todd's in cambridge with new leads in a series of school threats. first danielle vollmar is here with your forecast. another warm day. danielle: that is right. emily and randy, good morning. we're starting off the day with some patchy fog. there could even be some spots of black ice as temperatures are below the freezing mark in areas. the warm trend continues today, and we watch for ocean storms for tuesday. that could bring some rain to the cape and the islands. and also some strong winds and clouds everywhere else. december has been a warm month. five degrees above normal so far and it continues through the day today. notice temperatures will warm into the mid 50's in boston as well as the south shore, the
6:40 am
now we are going to watch a cold front drop down from canada. that will kick out the mild air and give us cooler air for monday. there's that area of low pressure that brings in the northeast winds and the chance for some showers along parts of the cape and the islands. clouds for everybody else but cooler temperatures. so the next three days look like this. enjoy today. 56 degrees. 44 tomorrow and 46 on wednesday. now let's look at the roads. kevin: good morning, danielle. thank you very much. a little different story here on the roadways. lots of trouble along route 3. sky 5 over the crash here where a car went up and over the guardrail. the ramp from 3 northbound to 228 in rockland. now just minor slowdowns on that ramp but look at this heavy volume here on route 3. let's go to the maps. that continues all the way up to another crash. here's the first crash sky 5 was over. you're heavy up to another crash by route 18. that's taking out the left lane. beyond that you're really not too bad. once you get up to the expressway, about 31 minutes now right up to the o'neill tunnel
6:41 am
out to the west, the mass pike on the brakes 495 most of the way into that weston stretch. more slowdowns after that into west newton. then reports of a right-lane breakdown just before the pru tunnel. up to the north delays heading in to that salem stretch in new hampshire. and then slowdowns from methuen most of the way down to the city of boston. emily, randy. emily: kev, thanks. reaction is pouring in after the president's prime-time address on terrorism. randy: erika's back with his message and what he did not say. erika? erika: what he didn't announce was a major policy shift. he did offer reassurances america will use all its power though to overcome terrorism. president: our success won't depend on tough talk or abandoning our values or giving into fear. erika: seeking to calm nerves, the president promised more success by fighting isis with a stronger coalition, more sophisticated effort, and more airstrikes. he called for tougher screenings for people coming to the u.s. without visas and again pushed for more gun control. meantime we learned overnight nato will not send ground troops
6:42 am
republicans this morning critical of the lack of strategy change. sera, out to you. sera: we could learn more today about a four-year-old murder mystery here in andover. jack and geri magee were found shot to death inside their home on december 14, 2011. the killing is still unsolved. adding to the mystery, the couple's s.u.v. was found torched in boston's north end. marking the four-year anniversary, the district attorney and police chief are holding a press conference to update the investigation and renew their plea to the public for information about the case. in andover, sera congi, wcvb, newscenter 5. todd: cambridge public school students can expect to see police again this morning as investigators work to figure out who made a threat against the district. parents packed a meeting sunday to find out more about the three email threats that were made last week.
6:43 am
thinking the culprit could be a student. the district will see how today goes before making a decision on how much longer to keep that visible police presence. reporting live in cambridge, todd kazakiewich, wcvb, newscenter 5. randy: police are still not naming the suspects or the victim in a deadly shooting in south boston. that man died shortly after being shot saturday night on old colony avenue. police have since made three arrests and recovered the gun they think was used in the case. emily: a second suspect will be arraigned today in connection with the discovery of a burned body in bridgewater. 30-year-old ovi cruz is accused of misleading police in the death of ashley bortner. her body was found last month. investigators are still looking for fernando owens, the prime suspect in the actual murder. randy: the murder trial of the danvers teen charged with killing his teacher resumes this morning. defense lawyers for phillip chism will continue presenting their side of the case. they're trying to convince
6:44 am
when he killed teacher colleen ritzer after school in 2013. his attorneys say part of the testimony barred from the courtroom included chism telling a psychiatrist he hears voices. emily: the man accused of planting a hoax device in boston is due in court today. police say surveillance images and a tip led them to james derepentigny in lawrence. he's accused of dropping a bag next to a homeland security s.u.v. on friday, then walking away. there was no threat, but police shut down the area while the bomb squad investigated the bag. randy: police in peabody say tips from the community helped them make six drugs and sex trafficking arrests. those suspects are expected to be in court today. they were arrested saturday night at a home on dark lane. salem police and the f.b.i. helped with the case. the house has been under investigation for three months. emily: the man being subdued by police in this video is due in court in london today. officers say he stabbed three people in what they're calling a terrorist incident.
6:45 am
inside a subway station. police say the 29-year-old suspect said "this is for syria" before the attack. he is now charged with attempted murder. investigators from scotland yard's counter-terrorism unit searched a home in east london but didn't say if they found anything. randy: the justice department is expected to announce an investigation into the chicago police department this week. last week, the illinois attorney general wrote a letter to the u.s. attorney general loretta lynch calling for a federal probe. the police force has been under intense scrutiny since the release of a video showing white police officer jason van dyke shooting black teenager laquan mcdonald 16 times. emily: a disturbing case in california. police say they've arrested the mother of a newborn found buried alive in compton. police followed the sound of crying to find the baby girl who was in a crevice about a foot below two pieces of asphalt. officers think that baby was three or four days old at the time. she's doing okay and will
6:46 am
adoption. randy: investigators are trying to figure out what caused the fire that damaged a home in clinton. the flames broke out on chestnut street yesterday morning. six people were home at the time. everyone escaped safely. it seems the tide is turning in favor of a needle-exchange program in worcester. last month the city council voted 9-1 in favor of a resolution backing the program. the board of health has the final say on whether it will actually happen. it's all part of an effort to deal with the opioid crisis. "the telegram" reports the idea was rejected when it was first presented in worcester a decade ago. emily: the patriots have now lost two games back to back. in the third quarter brady's pass was tipped. philadelphia's malcolm jenkins intercepted it and took it all the way back for a touchdown. later in the quarter, the pats punt it away to darren sproles who takes it 83 yards, giving philadelphia the lead. the eagles go on to win it, 35-28 the final. randy: it's being called the holy grail of ship wrecks,
6:47 am
worth of sunken treasure buried for 300 years found off the coast of colombia. divers believe the treasure trove includes gold, silver, and emeralds in addition to these ceramic pots and vases. the treasure came from the spanish "san jose," a triple deck ship that sank in 1708 after heavy fighting with the british. emily: today marks 74 years since the attack on pearl harbor. about 2,400 americas were killed when japan bombed the naval base in hawaii ushering the united states's entry into world war ii. the city of boston will commemorate the day with a service and wreath-laying ceremony aboard the "u.s.s. cassin young" destroyer. randy: a few problems on the road. kevin: sure is. especially on route 3. here's a live shot of sky 5 over one of the scenes right now. it's a car that went up and over the guardrail on the ramp from 3 north to 228 here in rockland. now despite delays on that ramp,
6:48 am
let's go to the map and i'll show you why. here's your first crash. sky 5 was over that. that's over the guardrail. now we have another crash up there. three cars taking up the left lane just before route 18. that's keeping everybody heavy. once you get off the expressway that's about another 30 minutes braintree to boston. 24 is on the brakes out of avon and 128 seeing slowdowns here dedham on up towards the mass pike. up north delays heading out of new hampshire on into the salem stretch and then methuen most of the way down to the city. that's a tough ride for you up around the 128 filling in lynnfield down into woburn and then route 3 on your way towards route 2. if you're taking the trains this morning, you're still seeing some minor delays. the blue line minor delays being reported eastbound due to an earlier disabled train. not too bad. a little chilly out there this morning. but it is going to warm up. danielle: it is is going to warm up. as you look at boston right now, a gorgeous sunrise ongoing. you're seeing that on twitter. 38 degrees currently but it feels more like 33 degrees.
6:49 am
some locations. again today, we'll be mild in the mid 50's but cooler tomorrow as a cold front comes through later today. highs today mid 50's in boston. the south shore, the cape and the islands, lots of sunshine yet again. high pressure still dominating. watching this cold front to bring in the cooler weather and then watching this area much low pressure. that's going to bring us a good shot of some rain on tuesday. at least for the cape and the islands. it will graze the coastline. it will bring clouds to really everybody. but here comes that rain. i want to show you the timing. it brings us to the south shore around 9:00 and even into the cape and islands through about lunchtime. then it should wind down but notice we're cloudy pretty much all day long. we're much cooler and breezy with a northeast wind. about 10-20. you start to turn more mild once we get towards thursday and friday. as we head towards next weekend, the temperatures are back in the mid to upper 50's.
6:50 am
i mean for those of us who don't really like snow. erika: after last winter, it's all good. emily: thank you, danielle. so much. thank you for joining us. if you're heading out the door have the wcvb mobile app with you. randy: have a great day. we'll see you again tomorrow morning at 4:30 a.m.
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